Two wrongs don't make a....
In geometry, a right angle is an angle formed by two straight lines that intersect at exactly 90 degrees.  As a rotation, a right angle corresponds to a quarter turn, as in a quarter of a full circle.

I love exploring dimension, and what comes across as a simple table is actual a painstakingly balanced series of abrupt changes in direction.  My intention was to go against one's natural desire to create a standard path metal bars would move to create a table.  The asymmetry works because the angles are so exact.  As I worked and reworked the lines, I realized there was opportunity to play with functional glass shelves at different heights.  

Right Angles is a cocktail table and it measures 48x34x17"h.  Constructed from cold-pressed steel and finished in matte black.  Other finishes can be custom ordered.  Will be produced and distributed by award-winning US-based company Phillips Collection.  Pricing and availability available upon request.  

p.s. Did you notice the gold foot?  :)

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